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Car with private taxi driver for discerning guests

Welcome to Sunbike Driver, a private taxi driver with a business solution

Most of the time, your private taxi driver Sunbike Driver takes care of your transfers from or to the Nice Côte d'Azur airport, but the latter also stands out for its versatility and ability to adapt to any type of demand. This, thanks to a range of assignments that we invite you to discover or according to your own solicitations.

Indeed, like a Swiss knife your private taxi driver is multitasking. That is what makes us special. Being able to adapt to bring a true plus can make all the difference for our customers. For example, manage for you any form of logistics during your holidays or even assist you in your business directly or remotely.

In short, it is up to you to appreciate the legitimacy of your private taxi driver and professional partner. Obviously, you take advantage of its services on a one-time or usual basis to go from one address to another. In a different way, you use its potential to progress in your business. Thus, you reduce your workload and optimize your time. It is also depending on how you want the link with your team.

Business solution companies

Your chauffeur can also be contacted at any time on his particular line. In this way, it studies and records your needs in real time. Features related to your support, constraints and other queries. In close relation with your assistant. It manages your last minutes. Advance, delay and other specificities even if it can not intervene itself.

In other words, your private chauffeur adapts to the particularity of your profession. It is also able to anticipate your logistics needs on board the vehicle and at your office. On the other hand and in the manner of a personal assistant, the latter effectively performs other tedious tasks for you. Finally, it is based on your schedule so that you can concentrate on your essentials. In addition, you learn about some of its responsibilities by following the links to business services and courier and delivery.

Why choose Sunbike your private taxi Driver?

  • A trustworthy person
  • Taxi airport transfers Nice
  • All-inclusive prices from 45 €
  • Car with driver on time and transfer
  • Management and regulation of vehicles including minibuses, taxi-motorcycles at events
  • Follow-up of the flights in order to welcome you at the airport of Nice even in case of delay
  • Solution business enterprises including a billing at 30 days end of month
  • Accompaniment for families, children traveling alone and elderly
  • Car seat, booster seat and other accessories
  • Payment by credit card, cash and bank transfer
Find us ?

Your private taxi driver will welcome you in the cities of Nice and Nice Côte d'Azur, Antibes, Cannes, Sophia Antipolis, Cagnes sur mer, Roquefort les pins, Valbonne, Le Rouret, Carros and industrial zone. Subject to prior booking.

Training and Security

Finally, at Sunbike Driver, your private taxi driver is a specialist in car and motorcycle driving. The latter was trained to apprehend all types of road and in all weather conditions and in order to limit the movements of the car. Thus, it anticipates the inconveniences caused by the vagaries of the road by dosing braking and accelerations.

Furthermore, we choose our vehicles according to specific criteria that correspond to the needs of our customers and with the participation of the latter. For example, a car model that can not match the specificity of a mission is preferred to another model. From limousine to minibus, these vehicles are meticulously prepared to meet your requirements. In addition, your driver is the guarantor of your safety from the time of taking charge of your person until the end of the mission. Know that your private driver knows all the vehicles he is used to.

Finally, we first study the settings of each vehicle, according to their mechanical and electronic specifications and the type of gums to be used. Obviously, the same goes for the motorcycle taxi.

Authorizations and insurance

SARL SUNBIKE DRIVER (SB): SIRET 508 776 168 00025

  • Transport of passengers: License VTC N ° 006 10 0107
  • Delivery of luggage, parcels, other goods: License 2015/93/0000067
  • Motorcycle taxi and two and three-wheel motorized vehicles: Professional card N ° 062020
  • Insurance of passenger transport - Civil liability - Baggages: MFA 6, rue Fournier 92110 Clichy

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