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Business class service to optimize your time

Travel in business class to benefit from a bespoke service. Your private driver accompanies you by meeting all your needs and as your work plan evolves.

Classe E Int jour 3 - Nice airport taxi

Of course, your driver can be reached at any time on his mobile line. In this way, it studies and records your needs in real time. The particularities related to your support, your constraints and other requests. In close relationship with your assistant. In particular, it manages your last minutes. Advance, delay and other specificities even if he can not intervene himself.

In other words, your private driver adapts to the particularity of your profession. In the same way, it is able to anticipate your logistics needs in the vehicle as at your office. On the other hand and in the manner of a personal assistant, he is able to effectively perform various other tedious tasks for you. Finally, your partner draws on your schedule to allow you to focus on your essential. In addition, you learn about some of its responsibilities by following the links to business services and parcel delivery.

Opt for an assistant

In business class your driver assists you during your business trips and adapts to any type of mission. Moreover, the availability of the latter is his main asset. So it is layered according to the evolution of your planning. Your planning is particularly busy and that is why you confide many tedious tasks to your partner. You appreciate its versatility, which allows you to optimize your day and for good reason you chain business appointments. In addition, he is in close contact with your assistant and exchanges with him from the beginning to the end of the assignment.

A regulator for your congresses

In addition to your chauffeur business class, we put at your disposal our regulator. Its particularity is to regulate each mission according to its specificity by adapting to the possibilities of evolutions of the latter. In other words, it aims to make every effort to quickly find the most suitable solutions.

In addition, he is the privileged partner of your assistant. Take for example the case of an upcoming event, seminar, exceptional meeting, fair and other congresses.

Thus, you need to organize and map the transfers of your employees. Also, from or to Nice airport. Welcome and forward your customers and guests forming multiple groups of people to your event. Obviously, this requires the organization of several shuttles. Do not worry anymore about your organizations and entrust us with it upstream!

Work in serious vehicles

Finally, we guarantee on board our business class vehicles an ergonomic and comfortable work space. In addition, various accessories of comfort and other supports are proposed to you to allow you to work in the best conditions. Of course, you naturally enjoy a full service on board.

Classe V Int jour AR - Nice airport taxi private

Our services for professionnels
  • Business Class Service Summary
  • Availability and flexibility
  • Versatility of your partner (personal assistant)
  • Vehicles for up to 7 passengers
  • Equipped work spaces + special attention
  • Regulator assistant for group transportation
  • Long distance trips to all destinations
  • Billing 30 days end of the month upon acceptance of your quote